CDN Services

Deliver Higher Bitrates, Increase Engagement, and Reduce Latency.

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is comprised of a globally disseminated system of 66 datacenters by 6 top notch CDN Service Providers, spanned over 6 continents. We use smart network optimization tools and caching control options to make sure that your website receives maximum upkeep time.
If your website is slow and unsecure, we can fix it with our superfast CDN services.

Is CDN the Right Option For Me? A second-long delay on a webpage response causes a 16% drop in customer satisfaction, 11% drop in page views, and a 7% drop in conversions.

If you have an online presence, and are generating decent profits, then yes, you need a CDN.

Performance and speed matters when it comes to an online presence and you need to make sure that all your customers are happy with the service that you provide. If you are based in the USA, and are growing a customer base in China, it is quite likely that your website would lag and slow down in the far-apart country.
With a Content Delivery Network in place, you can minimize the distance between your website’s and customers’ servers, accelerating the speed and performance of your website around the globe. With CDN, you can improve your company’s:

  • Website Speed Acceleration
  • Website Performance Acceleration
  • Dynamic Site Acceleration
  • Mobile Acceleration

How We Do It Differently From the Rest?

There are many competitors who can claim to be the best among India’s CDN Services providers, but not many can do what we can.

We don’t simply claim to help your business grow profitably. We deliver.

Our services are client-oriented. This means that we provide a custom solution that your business needs, not a turnkey solution that can be sold to every customer that reaches out to us.

At 10xCDN, we:

  • Are partnered with the Best CDN Providers in the world, like Bitgravity, Amazon CloudFront, Microsoft Azure, Cachefly, CDN77, and
  • Carry out the prerequisite research about your website and then craft a cloud hosting solution that is tailored for your business specifically
  • Keep you updated and inform you of any and every change that is made to the servers
  • Educate you about the ways to handle crises by providing fast CDN solutions, and about the technology that we use
  • Provide qualitative and tailored CDN solutions at competitive rates—a fact that remains consistent in our Terms and Conditions
  • Keep maintaining and updating our servers and our network so that our clients can receive the full benefit of high end protocols on the network; today and tomorrow.

Our 7-day free trial is testament to the quality of our service and proof to our claims of providing the fasted CDN service in the country. The trial allows any business to use and compare the results of pre and post CDN performance. They have the freedom to choose to continue using our services or not.

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Did we mention that you also get to save money?
You get to save money.

We offer competitive pricing in our CDN services so that all kinds of small and medium sized businesses can benefit from an updated and effective website, and a better customer experience.

We Help You Make Your Customers Happy